The Way
High-Performance, Net-Zero Ready Structures
50% faster than
stick framing
Disaster-Resistant against
Hurricanes, Storms, Earthquakes
60% less energy usage
90% less waste
High interior air quality,
quieter, no off-gassing

Incorporate SIPs into your project for superior performance, efficiency, and tax credits.

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Revolutionize your builds with our tech-driven building system: Using BIM modeling and offsite fabrication, we engineer and manufacture code compliant Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These panels feature a solid core of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) structurally laminated to two Oriented Strand Board (OSB) skins, offering superior energy efficiency, comfort, air quality, design flexibility, structural strength, and a build process twice as fast compared to traditional stick framing. Our SIPs integrate framing, insulation, wire conduits, and sheathing into a single component, making it one of the most energy-efficient building systems on the market. 

At Preflex, we're more than a supplier; we're a collaborative team of engineers, designers, manufacturing experts, and installation specialists. Committed to working with you, we aim to maximize the benefits of your SIP package. Your SIP panel build ensures superior energy efficiency, enhanced comfort and air quality, design flexibility, structural strength, and the ability to complete the structure in half the time." 

SIPs lead the way in green building technology. Preflex's innovative panelized building systems go beyond providing superior insulation and structural integrity; they embody our commitment to environmental stewardship and value engineering. structures designed to withstand the test of time. Explore Preflex Framing System today and be part of the sustainable construction revolution that redefines quality and performance.

How it Works

At Preflex, we're more than a supplier; we're a collaborative team of engineers, designers, manufacturing experts, and installation specialists. Committed to working with you, we aim to maximize the benefits of your SIP package.
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What People are Saying

" Low Cost, Energy-Efficient, Sustainable Buildings - Made Easier "

"We saved substantially on the labor cost. We're saving 18 - 30% in overall framing costs."
- Kelly Klute
"It's been a great experience working with the Preflex team."
-Terrell Martin
"We got this up in 5 days. It is nicely insulated, it has more R-Value than the average ADU."
-Andrew Ignacio
Tiny Homes, Big Dreams
In a way, this Tiny House project aligns with the Town ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) initiative.
Offsite Builder: July 2023
Founded in 2018, Preflex is a panel manufacturer based in San Diego, California with a 50,000 square feet factory in Tijuana, Mexico.
The Journal of Light Construction
Here are 5 reasons why SIPs will go mainstream in the next 10 years...
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Interior & Exterior Sheathing


Preflex SIP Framing System

Revolutionize Your Builds with Our Tech-Driven Building System: Employing BIM Modeling and Offsite Fabrication, we Engineer and Manufacture Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These Panels Feature a Solid Core of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Structurally Laminated to Two Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Skins, Providing Superior Energy Efficiency, Comfort, Air Quality, Design Flexibility, Structural Strength, and a Build Process Twice as Fast Compared to Traditional Stick Framing.

Our SIPs encompass framing, insulation, wire conduits, and sheathing in a single component,  and is considered one of the most energy-efficient building systems on the market.

Why build with Preflex?

Disaster Resilient Future-Proof Home

Stronger Straighter Walls and Roofs
Proven to be stronger against storms hurricanes and earthquakes
Every wall will have shear strength
Lightweight construction enhances its strength against earthquakes.

Cut Framing Labor Cost and Time by 50%

Utilizing BIM 3D modeling and off-site manufacturing technology, we conduct the majority of fabrication in our facility to streamline your construction timeline.
3x faster wall install
2x faster roof install
Insulated and Sealed

Reduce the Carbon footprint by over 1 million lbs over the lifetime of the building

65% less Timber
No Jobsite Waste
All waste from manufacturing gets recycled

Save up to 50% on HVAC cost thanks to superior insulation

Continuous closed cell foam insulation eliminated thermal brakes, increasing air tightness and reducing energy loss.
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Downsize HVAC Systems
Insulation wont decay over time guranteed
85% less air leakage

Superior Air quality;
No Off-gassing, Harmful Chemicals or VOC's

No Urea Formaldehyde
Airtightness doesnt allow contaminants like dust or pollen in the structure.
No wall cavaties for mold growth

Surpass Minimum Code Requirements

Space- Replace attic with conditioned space for an aditional bedroom or storage area.
Quality- Better resilience against natural deaster result in lower insurance cost
Value- superior energy performance & strength result in a higher appraisal value  
Superior Insulation-Lower operational cost of the Building and Obtain green construction certification credits

Preflex Building System

What's Included

Engineered Construction drawings & BIM Revit Model

ICC-Code Compliant Manufacturing

Preflex Service and Support

Structural Calculations

All Dimensional Lumber & Block Splines internal to the panel pre installed

Fabricated SIP Walls, Roof,  and Floor.

21-year limited warranty

Preflex Panels allow you to build faster, greener, and more efficiently, creating a higher-value build.

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