Professional Resources

Code Report

Fully compliant with Federal, California State, and Los Angeles City codes. Discover our ICC-ES Evaluations here for detailed compliance insights

Technical Bulletin

With years of experience, we've gathered in-depth research and insights, spanning from individual SIPs to complete SIP structures. Discover all our information here.

Best Practices

These documents, crafted for design professionals by SIPA manufacturers, delves into the nuances of SIP design, exploring best practices and decades of expertise to enhance the high-performance potential of SIP structures.


Explore insightful articles delving into the latest trends and innovations in SIP construction, published monthly.


Watch engaging videos showcasing Preflex SIPs in action, instructional videos, and more.

Benefits and Common Objections

Understand the advantages of SIPs and get answers to frequently raised concerns

SIP vs Stick Frame

Compare the efficiency and strength of SIP construction against traditional stick framing methods.

Preflex School

Learn about our dedicated training program for industry professionals in SIP construction.

Finance your SIP Package

Discover flexible financing options to make your SIP project a reality.

SIP Online Training

Access comprehensive online training courses to master SIP installation and design.

Certified Builders Network

Connect with a network of certified builders specialized in SIP construction, in your area.


Find answers to common questions about Preflex and SIPs, from basics to technical queries

Installation Details

Get detailed guidelines and tips for the correct installation of SIP panels.


Read featured articles and press releases highlighting Preflex's innovation in SIP technology.

Testimonial Videos

Watch testimonials from satisfied clients and their experiences with Preflex SIPs.

Tax Credit

Learn about tax credit opportunities available for SIP construction projects.

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