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Fighting the Housing Crisis in a Sustainable way

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Building systems have not changed in the past 100 years, Preflex is here to change that. The current construction industry accounts for 50% of the world's Co2 emissions.
This is a huge problem considering we have a housing crisis, meaning we will need to double our construction volume if we are to provide housing for all. To solve both problems, we must change the way we build.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art building system, Preflex leverages a revolutionary, streamlined process to build sustainably, in a fraction of the time. By manufacturing our system off-site, we provide high-performance building materials that are ready to assemble when they arrive on-site.

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Preflex is a division of Grupo Hir, a company founded over 60 years ago in Mexico. Grupo Hir has established itself as a national leader in the housing sector and operates businesses involved in financing, banking, insurance, and real estate development in Mexico. They have recently expanded into real estate projects in the United States, collaborating on high-rise multifamily projects in Cleveland, Ohio, such as the Centric University Circle, with 272 Apartments and the Mueller, with 51 lofts. They also have upcoming multifamily projects in San Diego, California, to be constructed using the Preflex building system. The group is consistently seeking innovative ways to improve home construction to address housing and environmental needs globally. With Preflex, you're partnering with a dependable team that places a high priority on quality, service, and expertise, all while delivering sustainable and high-quality products.

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Leopoldo Hirschhorn

President | Founder

Gabriel Grossman

CEO | Founder

Josue Vera

Head Architect

Francisco Tovar

Plant Manager

Aaron Hinde

Sales  Manager

Christian Daleney

Administration and Finance Manager

Jorge Gutiérrez

Legal Manager

Erik Hirschhorn

Marketing and Brand Manager

Fernanda Rosas

Marketing Manager

Who We Are

Preflex is a group of accomplished architects and engineers with over 30 years of building experience. Socially and environmentally conscious and proactive, we
provide a faster cost-effective, and energy-efficient building alternative to help fight the California housing crisis while taking care of the planet.

What We Do

At Preflex, we aim to disrupt the home building industry by providing housing solutions centered around Environmental sustainability, User experience, and streamlining process. We leverage industrialization to power the people building the next generation of homes and communities needed to solve the housing crisis.

How We Work

Thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and our superb and motivated management team, we can design, engineer, and manufacture projects in a controlled environment, where we can take care of every detail.

The Distinct Advantage of PREFLEX Panels and Structures

While technology and innovation have transformed virtually every industry worldwide, the way we build houses hasn’t changed for over 100 years. It is time to introduce technology into the space. Preflex innovative system uses technology and industrialization to power the home-building industry. Using Structural Insulated Panels we are able to build an airtight envelope this is why SIPs are viewed as the most energy-efficient system you can build with. Our streamlined process leverages industrialization so building times are reduced by 50%. Finally, our system is Sustainable, all our materials are environmentally friendly, we have no on-site waste and all excess material in the factory gets recycled.

Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient, Sustainable Buildings – Made Easier

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