SIPs Vs. Stick Frame
Tight Envelope Continuous Insulation
Environmentally sustainable
1 days assembly with 4 installers: 700sqft
Engineering included
21 year limited warranty
Fixed cost
Zero on site waste
Stick Frame
Thermal bridging and air cavities
High carbon footprint
15 day framing with highly skilled carpinter: 700sqft
Engineering cost 6-8K
Floating Material cost estimates
Expensive change in order cost
Continues cleanup and trash hauling
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SIPs outperform stick framing in every category from strength to creative design options. They offer a higher R value and are 48% more energy efficient. Our SIPs are made with recyclable materials and can be recycled again if they’re not used for any reason.

Save up to 55% on labor costs by building with SIPs and provide 20% to 30% more structural strength while sending 30% less salvageable structural lumber to the landfill. Homes and commercial structures will also save up to 60% on utilities compared to stick-framed buildings.

The tightness of the construction improves air quality including humidity control, which makes your structure less prone to mold and dust mites. There’s no need to buy or install additional insulation. Save 30% on your framing labor and get your electricity installed up to 30% faster.

The large, pre cut engineered panels create straighter walls that are plumb and square with no bowed lumber, allowing your crew to complete finish work faster without the need for a highly skilled contractor. Panels are precut so there is no cutting or job site waste on site they can be installed by any low skilled laboror. Structures are framed faster so subs can start soon, and you have a consitnious nail base to fastend your drywall, cabinetry and siding stramlining does trades as well, meaning fewer wasted days and less interest paid on your loans.

The air quality in SIP structures is significantly better than stick-framed structures, requiring little to no air purification in most climates. No roof vent is required on low-slope roofing and the tighter installation means you can save up to 40% on HVAC system costs. With two layers of 5/8 drywall on each side, your SIPs build will achieve one-hour firewall protection as well.

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