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2 Bed - 1 Bath


2 Bed - 1 Bath


Studio - 1 Bath


2 Bed - 1 Bath


2 Bed - 2 Bath


3 Bed - 2 Bath


2 Bed - 1 Bath


2 Bed - 1 Bath


3 Bed - 1 Bath


3 Bed - 2 Bath

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How it works

1. Feasibility

Start with a Feasibility Study for a detailed analysis of your specific lot and its design implications. An architect can carry out this study. Reach out to us, and we'll connect you with a Preflex-certified contractor in your area.

2. Architectural and Structural Drawings

Select from our ready-to-build Kits. This includes architectural and structural drawings including floorpan, roof plan, exterior building elevations, building sections, construction details, door and window schedule, SIP structural drawings with calculations (not Engineer On Record). If you lack a EOR, Preflex can coordinate comprehensive engineering services through our service suppliers

3. Engineer on Record

Your local jurisdiction might still require additional engineering services who could preform a geotechnical study, property survey, and an MEP calculations for a complete set to submit to the city. Call us if you need more information about this step.

4. Permitting

Once your full set of drawings is ready to submit, you can go ahead and submit it to your local jurisdiction to obtain a building permit, permits in CA take 4-8 months.

5. Manufacturing

Upon receiving your building permit, Preflex will bill for 50% of the total for material procurement and fabrication. Once paid, your price is locked, and you'll be scheduled for delivery within 4-8 weeks.

6. Ground Work

Meanwhile, your General Contractor should begin ground and foundation work to ensure readiness for your Kit's arrival.

7. Panel Installation

Installation of a Preflex building is remarkably fast, with buildings of 1,200 sqft or less erected in just a day. We provide references to trained contractors in your area or can arrange for installation by one of our in-house crews.

8. Specialty Trades

Once your building is up, it’s time to make it look the way you like. The GC on record will take care of finishing up the building per your design. You can chose the GC of your liking or Preflex can reference you to a trained GC in your area.

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