Our Model

24 x 40

960 sqft Living Area
Available in Shed or gable roof



This charming home features a modern and energy-efficient design, it includes two spacious bedrooms and two well-appointed bathrooms, ideal for small families or couples.

Starting at $ 34,761.00

Included in your Kit

1. SIP Wall

2. SIP Roof

3. SIP Floor

4. Block Splines

5. Lumber Splines

6. SIP Cap plates

7. Bottom Plate

8. Pressure Treated Sill Plate

9. Pre-Cut Electric chase

10. LVL Ridge Beam

11. Purlin Beam

12. I-Joist for Sub-floor

13. T&G OSB for Sub-floor

14. Preflex Insulated Header

15. Lumber for interior Walls Framing

- Cut to size SIP Exterior Walls
- Cut to Size SIP Roof
- Cut to Size SIP Floors
- Block Splines pre-installed in the panel
- Lumber for: Bottom, Side and cap plates
- Pre-cut wire conduit
- Insulated headers for doors and windows

- Structural lumber internal to the panel (price determined after engineering)
- Lumber for interior partition walls
- I-beams and TGI OSB for subfloor
- Pressure treated sill plate ripped to the thickness of the panel
- Structural LVL Ridge and Purlin Beams
- SIP Sealant
- SIP Tape
- SIP Fasteners- Caulking gun

- SIP Lifting Plate
- Simpson Strong Tide hardwear
- SIPSON CS16 16 Gauge Coiled Strap
- Rachet Strap
- Groove Cutter
- Fork Lift Extension
- Preflex Customer Support
- Installation Manuals and Videos
- PE Stamped SIP Shop Drawings
- 21 year Limited Warranty

- Rep onsite for Instalation Assitance
- Engineer on record (EOR) service through builder network
- Architectural services through builder network
- Title 24 Calculations through builder network

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