Technical Bulletin

Technical Research

Decades of SIP industry effort and collaboration have resulted in an extensive research library on structural insulated panels and on whole buildings made with SIPs. Scroll down for specific research reports.

Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletin 01 - Use of SIPs in Seismic Design Categories Technical Bulletin 02 - Fire Safety with SIP Construction Technical Bulletin 03 - SIPs and ENERGY STAR v3 Technical Bulletin 04 - SIPs and the 2009 IECC Technical Bulletin 05 - SIPs and the 2012 IECC Technical Bulletin 06 - SIPs and HBCD Flame Retardants Technical Bulletin 08 - Wall Aspect Ratios for SIPs Technical Bulletin 09 - Durability of SIPs Exposed to Moisture Technical Bulletin 10 - Use of SIPA Test Results Technical Bulletin 11 - Equivalency of SIP Walls to Light Frame Wood Construction Subjected to Seismic Loading Technical Bulletin 12 - Design of SIP Shear Walls with Openings Technical Bulletin 13 - Design of SIPs Used as Diaphragms Technical Bulletin 14 - Creep Performance of SIPs

SIP Product Test Reports

Over the years SIPA members have worked extensively with USDA's Forest Product Laboratory, DoE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Home Innovation Research Labs and APA – The Engineered Wood Association to build the knowledge base on the structural properties of SIPs. Click below for the official reports on these multi-year studies. Most of this SIP product research can also be found at the Forest Products Laboratory website (fpl.fs.fed.US).

1 - Creep Behavior of SIPs Pilot Study 2 - Creep Performance of SIPs Phase 2 3 - Flexural Testing of SIPs Before & After Creep Testing Durability of SIPs Cyclic Shear Wall Testing Durability Testing for SIPs Lateral Load Performance of SIP Diaphragms Lateral Load Performance of SIP Walls with Full Bearing Performance of SIP Walls under Seismic Loading SIP Missile Testing for Florida HVHZ SIP Shear Walls: Cyclic Performance of HIgh Aspect Ratio Segments and Perforated Walls Ultimate Flexural Strength and Long-Term Creep Deflection for Structural Insulated Foam-Timber Sandwich PanelsTrufast SIP Fastners Technical Evaluation Report

Whole SIP Building Performance Tests

Additional groups such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the rigorous California Public Utilities Commission have tested the energy performance of whole buildings made with Structural Insulated Panels.

Blower Door Air Testing SIP vs Stick Frame ORNL 40% Energy Saving House Mixed-Humid Climate ORNL SIP Homes 50% Less Energy than Benchmark ORNL Whole Wall Rating for SIPs Steady-State Thermal Analysis Residential Ducts in Conditioned Space / High Performance Attics (California)

Additional Technical Information

Click SIPs and Building Codes for more technical information including Fire and Seismic Performance of SIPs


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