Preflex School

Preflex School

The Preflex team is excited to invite you to our two-day Training Program, which includes a hands-on experience in our manufacturing facility, where you will learn the trade tricks for our revolutionary building system.

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SIPs Training & Learning Objectives BEST Intro clip

Introduction to SIPs - Lesson 01/10 - BEST Program

Basic SIP Design and Engineering - Lesson 02/10 - BEST Program

SIP Order Process- Lesson 03/10 - BEST Program

SIP Building Science - Lesson 4/10 - BEST Program

SIPs Layout Drawings - Lesson 5/10 - BEST Program

SIP Site Planning and Coordination - Lesson 6/10 - BEST Program

SIP Layout and Panel Installation - Lesson 7/10 - BEST Program

Integrating Mechanical Systems with SIPs - Lesson 8/10 - BEST Program

SIP Finish Materials and Detailing - Lesson 9/10 - BEST Program

Common Objections For SIP Designs - Lesson 10/10 - BEST Program

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