SIPs – The Affordable & Superior Alternative To Today’s Lumber Market

The housing market is affected by many factors, including the cost of lumber. When the cost of lumber goes up, home prices also go up. The cost of lumber has been rising recently, so buying a house will probably be more expensive for you than before. Fundamental economics says that variables of supply and demand must balance commodity prices. A commodity could collapse or grow quickly if significant variations occur at either end of the spectrum. But this is not the case in the lumber sector; instead, housing prices have seen substantial gains, aggravating the housing problem in many sections of the country.


More than ever before, building scientists are learning how to make homes more energy-efficient. To better understand how this market shift has affected home prices, consider the amount of framing in a typical house built with 2x4s. A 2,000-square-foot home with 2x4s has a 24 percent framing factor (studs every 16 inches). The fiberglass insulation is put into the frame, leaving an insulating gap every 16 inches. In other words, while 24 percent of the home’s structure is solid wood (with higher energy leakage due to thermal bridging), only 76 percent of the wall frame is insulated. [1]

SIPs are panels of rigid insulation and oriented strand board (OSB). The panels come in sizes 8×24 feet and can be supplied to the job site in one piece. Insulation and sheathing are included in each panel, there is no need for extra lumber as studs, and labor expenses are decreased. An insulating foam core is layered between OSB faces in SIPs construction panels in San Diego, ca

Building with SIPs home systems in San Diego, Ca has become an attractive option for homeowners, as lumber costs have increased and stick-framing prices have increased by 240 percent. The lesson learned from this is that if you are considering constructing a home, it would be a good idea to look into SIPs as an alternative. Understanding a home’s frame element helps in conceptualizing the impact lumber markets have had on building and constructing homes in 2021. This is one of the numerous reasons why SIPs panel manufacturers in San Diego, ca are a cost-effective building option today.

SIPA’s Best Practices: High-Performance SIP Building Envelope pamphlet highlights the superior benefits of structural insulated panels, including thermal bridging, R-value, quality insulation, installation, and decreased HVAC requirements. SIPA is the go-to resource for design professionals, builders, and homeowners looking for information on structural insulated panels.

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[1] Design Best Practices 1 – High-Performance SIP Building Envelope

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