SIPs — Designed to Maintain a Healthy Home Environment, New Mexico

If you've ever seen a house built with SIPs, you know that they're designed to have near-airtight building envelopes. This means that warm air in the home doesn't escape out through the walls and windows, but instead stays inside where it belongs. This helps maintain healthy indoor air quality by keeping humidity levels at optimal levels while also preventing moisture from getting trapped in the walls or ceiling of your home.

Additionally, SIPs are known for their high R-value and low U-value (or thermal conductivity). An R-value is a measure of how well a material prevents heat flow through it; higher numbers mean more resistance. A U-value measures how well a material resists the transfer of energy through materials with different temperatures; lower numbers mean greater resistance.

SIPs Are Designed For Comfort

SIPs are designed to be more comfortable than conventionally framed homes, which means that they don't need to be heated or cooled as much. This is because the high energy efficiency of SIPs allows them to maintain their temperature without large amounts of air conditioning or heating. Additionally, they're more durable than traditionally framed structures due to their continuous panel design and lack of traditional stud walls and floor joists. 

SIPs Create An Excellent Sound Barrier Between Interior Spaces

Soundproofing is a feature of SIPs and should be taken into consideration. The soundproofing ability of SIPs is due to their design as an airtight structure, which allows for better insulation from vibrations. Soundproofing is important in commercial buildings as well as residential homes.

Airtight Building Envelope

SIPs also create an airtight building envelope that reduces large air leakage paths allowing for tighter control over indoor air quality. When used in conjunction with effective vapor barriers and insulation, SIPs can help reduce moisture problems and mold issues that often occur in conventional construction.

Free Of Harmful Toxins

SIPs are free of substances that adversely affect indoor air quality, such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOC). In addition, SIPs have been shown to have excellent moisture management characteristics, which can improve indoor air quality and prevent future problems with mold.

Excellent Moisture Management 

SIPs have been shown to have excellent moisture management characteristics, which can improve indoor air quality and prevent future problems with mold. In fact, research has shown that SIPs can be designed to be airtight, meaning they are able to manage humidity levels well. This is important because having too much or too little humidity in your home can lead to health concerns like allergies and respiratory issues.

When you choose to build with SIPs, you’re investing in a home that will last a lifetime. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a healthy and comfortable home for years to come, while also saving money on energy costs. As an added bonus, choosing this method of construction means that there is less waste involved in building your new home — which is always something we can get behind. For more information on our PREFLEX Home KITs Contact us at 1-866-784-4462.

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