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Our user-friendly Installation Guide, complete with detailed imagery, is designed to simplify the process for you. It includes specific assembly details to clarify crucial connection points. For those requiring CAD details to integrate into your construction plans, feel free to reach out to us for the electronic files.

Please note, the technical data provided here is exclusively for the use of design professionals and building officials familiar with Preflex products.

Preflex Installation Guide
Preflex Assembly Details – All

For individual assembly details, click on the sections below.

Wall to Foundation

PF-100.1 | SIP Wall / Slab_ STD PDF
PF-100.2 | SIP Wall / Slab_ HS PDF
PF-100.5 | SIP Wall / Conventional Floor_STD PDF
PF-100.6 | SIP Wall / Conventional Floor_HS PDF

Wall to Upper Floor

PF-200.1 | SIP Wall / Floor / Joist Hanger PDF
PF-200.2 | SIP Wall / Floor / Joist Perpendicular PDF
PF-200.3 | SIP Wall / Floor / Joist Parallel PDF

Wall Corner

PF-300.1 | SIP Wall Corner PDF
PF-300.2 | SIP Wall Angled Corner PDF
PF-300.3 | SIP Wall / Partition Wall PDF
PF-300.4 | SIP Wall / Partition Wall_HS PDF

Wall to Roof

PF-400.1 | SIP Wall / Roof /Square / Cut Eavy PDF
PF-400.2 | SIP Wall / Roof /Plumb Cut Eavy PDF
PF-400.3 | SIP Wall / Roof Rake PDF

Roof Ridge and Valley

PF-500.1 | SIP Roof / Ridge Beam / Two Part Foam PDF
PF-500.2 | SIP Roof / Ridge Beam / Overlay PDF
PF-500.3 | SIP Roof / Valley Beam / Expanding Foam PDF
PF-500.4 | SIP Roof / Valley Beam / Valley Plates PDF

Panel to Beam and Connection Details

PF-600.1 | SIP Panel / Intermediate Beam PDF
PF-600.2 | SIP Joint / BlockSpline PDF
PF-600.3 | SIP Joint / Double Lumber Spline_STD PDF
PF-600.4 | SIP Joint / Double Lumber Spline_HS PDF

Opening Details

PF-700.1 | SIP Wall Section Single Top Plate PDF
PF-700.5 | Opening / Lumber Header PDF
PF-700.6 | Opening / SIP Header PDF
PF-700.7 | Small Opening Inside Panel PDF

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