Benefits and Common Objections

Selling SIPs: Benefits and Common Objections

Are you a real estate professional or lender looking to better understand the benefits of SIPs? Find basic SIP information and marketplace reports below.

Do you need to convince someone that Structural Insulated Panels are the best choice for a specific building project? If cost is the issue, look through the various analyses comparing SIPs with traditional framing. SIP buildings often cost the same as traditional stick frame buildings, with the higher SIP material cost offset by labor savings.

SIP Panels

Episode 1: Price

Episode 2: Electrical

Learn to discuss factors impacting the price tag when building and designing with structural insulated panels. Take building science language to a whole new level learning from industry experts.

There are several misconceptions to installing electrical in structural insulated panels. With proper SIP installation, electricians can move seamlessly through a project moving faster than a stick-frame wiring job.

Episode 3: Durability

Episode 4: Fire

In the third episode of Common Objections to SIP Designs, Al Cobb expands on the durability of structural insulated panels. Even a high-performance, sustainable structure is susceptible to water. With proper installation and detailing of SIPs, they make a highly durable and competitive building material.

Contrary to first assumptions that the foam inside SIPs is more prone to shrink in fire or burn hot, SIPs have proven to perform very well in fire tests. The assembly of structural insulated panels is highly rated among ASTM tests, and in some situations, fire has self-extinguished by running out of air.

Episode 5: Strength

Episode 6: Termites & Ants

Structural insulated panels and their entire installation package provide stability and strength hard to replicate with stick framing. Al Cobb talks about the various factors of panel strength and a few historical examples of SIP performance.

Structural insulated panels have a foam core infused with borates, a mined mineral that is irritating to the digestive system of common pests. With that in mind, SIPs provide a superior building product as well as a pest deterant to any climate zone dealing with common pests.

Episode 7: Noise & Acoustics

Episode 8: Ease of Modification

Stuctural insulated panels perform phenomenally with low energy sounds making it a great building choice in residential communities. The flip side is that high energy, low frequency sounds are noticeable with a SIP envelope however occupants of SIP homes have repeatedly said it is the quietest home they've lived in.

SIPs being more difficult to modify is a common misconception. Fortunately for SIP builders and homeowners, SIPs are easier to modify with windows, doors, etc. because of the inherent structural capacity. The process is quicker and more simple than with a conventional frame system.

Episode 9: Design Flexibility

Episode 10: Untrained Workforce

A foremost benefit for using SIPs is the resulting design flexibility. These panels are entirely manipulated by the manufacturer before delivery to the jobsite. Using this precision technology, builders and design professionals can erect structures that are much more complex than standard stick-frame alternative.

SIPA resources and materials are available online for free to aid and assist with onsite building and the design stages of SIP construction. By using the Building Education with SIPs Training (BEST) program, you can earn AIA certification credits or become a SIP Master Builder.

Episode 11: Code Approval

Episode 12: Building Better

SIPs meet and exceed building code requirements. The reports, case studies and analytics complying with building codes are available at Builders and homeowners can feel confident knowing a SIPA member is assurance of code acceptance.

While not a common objection, building with SIPs forces you to be a better builder. The precision and care in each panel provides confidence in the builder throughout the installation process. The builder's success goes hand-in-hand with proper training, and all the training materials are available on for free.

Episode 13: Mold & Moisture

Problems with mold and moisture within super insulated products is a serious concern. With a qualified SIP installer, mold and moisture can be more controlled in a SIP envelope than a traditional home. The systems installed in the structure are key to ensuring the envelope can resist moisture and dry when necessary.

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