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Model 12
R 192ft² | L 288ft² | XL 384ft²
Model 16
R 542ft² | L 640ft² | XL 768ft²
Model 20
R 640ft² | L 800ft² | XL 960ft²
Model 24
R 768ft² | L 960ft² | XL 1152ft²

Accessory Dwelling Units

House your family or generate a supplemental income with an extra living space built right on your existing property. The housing crisis has paved the way for zoning laws that allow homeowners like you to build additional dwellings on your residence. PREFLEX ADUs makes it easy and affordable with modern, smart, energy-efficient home kits that can be quickly assembled for guests, in-laws, or tenants.

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How It Works?

Taking on a project like this can be overwhelming, but not with PREFLEX. We’re your single point of contact for design, engineering, permits, construction, financing, and support.

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When you’re ready, we’ll assess the property in person, including a site visit to meet with you to discuss feasibility,  your budget and design preferences.



Choose your favorite design from 3D renderings made to your specifications and customize it however you like. We’ll then provide your quote based on the completed design.



We’ll guide you through the forms and communicate with officials to acquire your permits. If permits aren’t granted for any reason, you’ll receive a refund of any payments made.



Traditionally, construction takes place after the site is prepared. With PREFLEX Home units, the site can be prepared while your unit is manufactured, saving money and accelerating the timeline to completion.



Once the foundation sitework is finished will ship the panels to your job site where they will be installed in 1 or 2 days.



Once the kit is installed, it will take 1-3 months to finish the unit.

Turnkey ADU Solutions


Design Elements






Site Built Construction Schedule
Preflex System Construction Schedule


Faster Construction

Prefabricated panels can be deployed quickly, built in as little as one (1) day.

Material & Labor Savings

Off-site fabrication results in accurate material and labor costs with no overages.

Sustainable & Energy Efficient

Low carbon construction and superior insulation results in up to 50% energy savings.

Avoid Labor Shortages

Remove the need for skilled carpentry.

Zero Waste Production

All material and scrap from fabrication are either recycled or reused for another project eliminating fabrication and job site waste.

Increase Property Value

Increased Energy Efficiency reduces operating costs while increasing property valuation.

Healthy Home

No VOCs, Healthy Interior Air Quality


Our designs are minimalistic, modern, and flexible enough to customize to your own taste.

SIP Versus Stick Frame

Tight Envelope Continuous Insulation

Environmentally sustainable

1 days assembly with 4 installers: 700sqft

Engineering included

21 year product warranty

Fixed cost

Zero on site waste

Thermal bridging and air cavities

High carbon footprint

15 day framing with highly skilled carpinter: 700sqft

Engineering cost 6-8K

Floating Material cost estimates

Expensive change in order cost

Continues cleanup and trash hauling

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Green Construction

Reduce Energy Consumption by up to 50%

Healthier Indoor Environment

90% Less Waste On-Site

Any waste from manufacturing is either reused or recycled.

Earn Leed Points

Toward an Environment Certification and Crucial Tax Credits.

65% Less Timber

Than traditional building methods.

No Harmful Chemicals

No off-gassing or VOCs. No Wall Cavities for Mold growth.

Low Carbon Footprint

Reduce the carbon footprint by over a million lbs over the lifetime of the building.

Green Construction Brochure


The Distinct Advantage of PREFLEX Panels and Structures

While technology and innovation have transformed virtually every industry worldwide, the way we build houses hasn’t changed for over 100 years. It is time to introduce technology into the space. Preflex innovative system uses technology and industrialization to power the home-building industry. Using Structural Insulated Panels we are able to build an airtight envelope this is why SIPs are viewed as the most energy-efficient system you can build with. Our streamlined process leverages industrialization so building times are reduced by 50%. Finally, our system is Sustainable, all our materials are environmentally friendly, we have no on-site waste and all excess material in the factory gets recycled.

Design your ADU

Choose your favorite design from 3D renderings made to your specifications and customize it however you like. We’ll then provide your quote based on the completed design.

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