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PREFLEX Retrofit Insulated Panels (RIPs) are a component of energy-efficient construction solutions. These panels are the option for deep energy retrofits because they eliminate thermal bridging. It is also used in new construction because of its durability and ease of installation. To reduce heat loss through exterior walls, our Retrofit Insulated Panels are widely used. Retrofitted Panels can also help reduce energy costs while increasing the comfort level in any home.


PREFLEX RIPs offer superior performance in hot climates due to their low thermal conductivity (K value) and low emissivity (E value). Retrofit insulated panels have matched among the lowest K values of any insulated roof in San Diego, ca insulation material on the market today. Due to the core material not having any ability for air to move through it and no convection and condensation will not happen in the panel.


We’re proud to provide a low-cost alternative to traditional construction methods. Retrofit Insulated Panels have a better design & appearance and are a better choice than traditional plywood panels. Retrofit Insulated Panels are a type of insulated panel that can be used to transform your home with improved energy efficiency. How? By eliminating thermal bridging in your home. Retrofit Insulated Panels are a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction techniques, making them a popular choice for home renovation and new construction projects.


Our RIPs panels are specially engineered to meet structural safety requirements. Retrofit Insulated Panel Systems are built to provide thermal insulation, air sealing, and fire protection to a wide range of structures. Each panel is tested to ensure that it meets specific structural and safety standards for retrofit panels.


Retrofit panels are easy to install and can be fastened directly to framing or over the exterior sheathing. These panels are also called insulating sheathing san diego, ca. The orientation and thickness of the panel determine its R-value. Install clips at each joint to keep the sheathing from being too tight against your insulation layer.


Our Retrofit Insulated Panels (RIPs) are a labor-saving method of reaching a high-performance, airtight building envelope for both deep energy retrofits and new construction. They integrate continuous insulation and an air barrier layer in a single step. By installing them, you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and your winter heating costs. Remember, if your building is improperly insulated, adding more insulation won’t have much effect.

To learn more about PREFLEX RIPs in Los Angeles, CA, call us at 1-619-289-8201.

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