San Diego County ADU Bonus Program

As the housing shortage grows worse in San Diego county, the city is increasingly turning to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and tiny home buildings in san diego, ca as part of its housing production plans. Earlier this year, San Diego updated its regulations for ADUs and Junior Dwelling Units (JDUs) to maintain compatibility with state law while allowing homeowners and developers to build extra housing units.

San Diego has announced a new incentive program for developers to build accessory housing units (also known as in-law apartments or granny flats) for low-income residents. The city’s existing bonus program allows any property owner willing to build a manufactured ADU in San Diego, Ca and rent it at a reduced rate to low-income or moderate-income people. Here are the most important changes to the code, followed by a comparison of state and city rules.


The City Council overwhelmingly approved a measure to reduce the period of rent restrictions for low-income families, who will now have up to 10 years to use their benefits, while maintaining the 15-year minimum for moderate-income people. The bonus ADU is restricted to low-income tenants, who must earn no more than $39,930 per year, which is 60% of the area’s median annual income of $66,550 for single-person households.


Allows up to 25 percent of the total number of existing dwelling units to be ADUs inside the livable area of an existing structure with multiple dwelling units. Permits an unlimited number of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) kit in san diego, ca within existing portions of multiple dwelling units that are not used as living space (e.g., storage rooms, garages, etc.), so long as the dwelling units meet building regulations. Per property, two detached ADUs are allowed.


The Affordable ADU Bonus program allows for the construction of one unrestricted prefab ADU southern California San Diego, ca for every affordable ADU deed-restricted for 15 years. Outside of Transit Priority Areas (TPAs), projects would be limited to one additional unrestricted ADU. Within TPAs, the number of additional ADUs does not have a specific limit. It is made accessible to households with extremely low income, low income, or moderate-income (30% of 50% AMI, 30% of 60 AMI, and 30% of 100% AMI for rental units) Units will be built on-site and there is no cap on bonus ADUs in transit priority areas. Outside of transit priority areas, one additional ADU is permitted.



The City of San Diego, Planning Department. FACT SHEET Accessory Dwelling Units

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