California’s CalHFA ADU Grant Program: Homeowners May Be Holding a Full House

In California, there isn’t enough housing to go around. There has been a chronic housing shortage for many years. In response, the legislature has passed a series of bills intended to address the issue, including measures to promote and support the construction of modular accessory dwelling units in San Diego, CA, or ADUs. In 2021, the California Housing Finance Agency (HFA) introduced its accessory dwelling unit prefab in San Diego, ca ADU homes grant program. The initial program provided up to $25,000 in grants to help low- and moderate-income homeowners build prefab accessory dwelling units ADUs in San Diego, ca on their property. Now, less than a year later, the state has upped the ante and increased the program’s maximum grant amount to $40,000. And for homeowners, it means the cards being dealt to them by the CA legislature keep getting better.

Although, as always, the devil is in the details, the program’s essentials are simple. As a first step, homeowners need to meet the program’s income limits, which vary by county.  After clearing that hurdle, the actual application must take place with any of over a dozen approved lenders, whose loan officers can then walk homeowners through the application and grant process. An important caveat is that these funds are available for pre-development costs connected with the construction of modern ADU in San Diego, Ca. These include site prep, architectural designs, permits, soil tests, impact fees, property surveys, and energy reports, among other expenses. They’re also applicable to non-recurring closing costs, which include things like buying down interest on loans.

This is – simple put – a big and unprecedented game changer and a big opportunity for Designers and Builders of ADU modular homes in San Diego, Ca as well as their clients

For homeowners who qualify, the state’s Pre build ADU in San Diego, Ca program can tip the financial scales enough to make a previously unaffordable solution affordable. And for PREFLEX partners, projects built with our systems are feasible for more customers than ever before.

The team at PREFLEX would love to help you understand this better – feel free to reach out to us ion set up a meeting with us meet with Charles.

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