ADU Customer Journey with Preflex Inc

We sat down with Preflex Inc to talk about their customer journey and find out what it would be like to work with them on a project.

Founded in 2020, Preflex specializes in manufacturing its patented Structural Insulated Panels that provide several benefits to homeowners with ADUs. Firstly, they drastically shorten the time it takes to frame the space from about two weeks to less than two days. Secondly, it provides a solution to sustainable housing. And thirdly, its airtight material gives greater control over the unit’s temperature and humidity resulting in higher air quality.

Complete transparency is one of Preflex’s pillars and they show it by inviting their clients to their showroom in San Diego where they can take a free tour and shop. Each client gets assigned a project manager who will then visit the site where they want to start construction. He will then determine what project best fits the homeowner's needs by taking measurements of the construction site.

The next step is to design the ADU by choosing a model or designing an entirely new one based on the site visit. Custom builds could lead to minor setbacks in the time frame due to permits. Speaking of which, the timeframe to process permits for SIPs is the same as for any other ADU.

Preflex does much more than just manufacture their famous SIPs, they will take on the homeowners project and see it to the end. With a team that will design, build, and take care of permits you won’t have to find a contractor. Once the designs are finished and the permits are through, Preflex will connect you with one of their certified builders to get the job done. They will fabricate the kits and laminate them before they go through a third-party inspection, which takes about three to four weeks. They will then deliver the kits to your home which should only take a day. The assembly of these panels takes 24 to 48 hours, including the insulation, shedding, and framing of the structure. Typically, the framing alone can take up to three weeks.

Homeowners can save substantially on costs of labor and time. Finally, Preflex sends in their team of builders to finish the entire project.

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